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'Boobs Aren't Funny'

Kirsten Dunst talks about nudity in film.
Appearing naked in a movie can pose special problems for a performer in the age of the Internet. "I know that if I do nudity in a film, it's going to be online all over the place," said Kirsten Dunst, who appears naked in Melancholia, the sci-fi drama by Danish auteur Lars von Trier.

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Crazay3690d ago

I have to ask how you came across this article. Its rather obscure but more interestingly its from my local newspaper.

darklordzor3690d ago

Ha! That's great. Odd how things can pop up everywhere.

Lord_Sloth3690d ago

It is interesting when you see a local story online, but the only local news for me that hit online was some dumb-ass kid who killed his grandmother and mother with a Katana.

CPO3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

We found it via the google aggregate site...
We saw it less than an hour after it was posted. Good ol' google!

darklordzor3690d ago

What an odd way of phrasing that. Nudity in films need to be done with a purpose. Otherwise the only good it'll do is to wind up on the internet.

Crazay3690d ago

I love nudity in films...In fact, I like it so much I have a special Hard Drive dedicated to this sort of thing.

CPO3690d ago

lol Hard Drive, is that what they are calling it these days??
Sorry, getting away from the topic but couldn't resist!

ngecenk3689d ago

lol me too!

wow filmwatch article got 26 comments! thats rarely happens!

alycakes3690d ago

Actually it is funny....that's about the only way to look at it....if you really think about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.