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'X-Men First Class' Blu-Ray Review From Project-Blu

Project Blu writes:
Critics have been raving about X-Men: First Class, and I'm glad they enjoy it. However, having grown up on the various X-title comic books, Project-Blu is not happy with this film. Character ages no longer make much sense, meetings in later films may not match up properly anymore, and then there's the entire Angel thing, and man does that character suck. Bad. This film didn't suffer due to the lack of Wolverine. It suffered due to the lack of interesting mutants and mutations, and originality. But, at the very least, we should all be thankful McAvoy doesn't try to do Patrick Stewart's voice. THAT would have been awful.

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darklordzor3691d ago

Messing with the timeline never bothered me. While it does really make continuity with the first films go straight out the window, I was more excited that the film was really good and had a great story.

It's exactly what the X-Men franchise needed to revitalize.