Rhys Ifans Talks Wearing A Green CGI Suit And Cardboard Head On The Amazing Spider-Man Set

Cinema Blend:
When I talked to Rhys Ifans yesterday about his impressive star turn in the new drama Anonymous, I swear I wasn't going to bring up Spider-Man. Yes, the British actor is playing the villainous Lizard in next year's The Amazing Spider-Man, and yes, no matter how well Anonymous does, it's likely to be seen by but a fraction of the global audience who turns out for Spidey. I know it's what the people want to hear about, but you have to try and stay on topic when talking to someone who is both currently promoting a different movie and can't talk much about his heavily secret superhero movie anyway.

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StarWarsFan3696d ago

Green paint would have been cheaper than CGI. I'm just saying.

DarkBlood3696d ago

not sure i follow what you mean, assuming the face is going to be lizard like obviously you cant green paint that i think thats where cgi comes in

guessing the that other stuff is to just help model it

DarkBlood3696d ago

guess i dont have a sense of humour then lol