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The Dark Knight Rises Batwing in Action Set Video

While The Dark Knight Rises continues filming for a July 20, 2012 release, new video was captured this weekend of the Batwing along with footage of Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt interacting with Gotham City's finest.

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StarWarsFan3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

The Batwing looks like the coolest thing out of this movie from a design point of view. That one released official picture of Catwoman was the most disappointing a while back.

Soldierone3696d ago

I think this movie is somewhat hurting itself, and its not the productions fault. Nolan is hiding stuff which is being counter productive, we get behind the scenes things and sneak peeks from press. Which in return makes everyone MORE excited about things, or questioning whatever.

So when the movie does finally come out, the shock value could be potentially hurt. Thats why I'm leaving stuff like this alone for as long as possible, and will attempt to watch as little trailers as I can.