Men In Black III Will Open in IMAX 3D

Collider writes:
According to Sony Pictures Releasing president Rory Bruer, "Releasing a film in IMAX 3D signals an event release, and Men in Black III on Memorial Day weekend certainly qualifies in a big way. We couldn’t be more excited about how MIB III will look and sound in IMAX theatres." Mark your calendars because you'll be able to find out exactly how Men In Black III looks and sounds for yourself in IMAX 3D on May 25, 2012.

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DarkBlood3697d ago

i hear all this big talk imax stuff do they have something that other theatres do not?

Winkle923695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

If you've never been, imax is actually really cool. I've only been to one so I'm not sure if my experience was typical, but the screen was enormous. A little lager than the average basketball court. And it has a slight arc so you can see almost all of it at once. And the sound matches the size of the screen. It's really cool and despite the higher price, I would always choose imax over a regular theater given the choice.

You can get more info here: or at their website. Of course, the article I directed you to is talking about the faults of the theaters but that'll help you make a more informed decision.

Jeese I sound like an advertiser or something. But I digress.

Maybe that's more information than you were looking for but I'm bored and wanted to properly answer your question.

DarkBlood3695d ago

I see it sounds like youd have to really choose your film to see in imax in this case anything below comedys n such wouldnt be worth it

Raf1k13695d ago

Films with lots of special effects and CG stuff are best watched at an Imax but the one in Bradford has seats with little leg space which can really ruin the experience unless you get VIP seats.

darklordzor3696d ago

Yay? I can't say this has me feeling one way or the other. I like my IMAX movies, but unless there is something spectacular about the way a film is shot (like sweeping action scenes or stuff like that) I wouldn't say it really adds anything to it.

StarWarsFan3696d ago

Based on the past two movies, I think the majority of people will live seeing it in normal theaters.

alycakes3695d ago

I will go for the normal theater myself. I really liked the first one they made and the second one was just soso. I hope this one is better than that one.

MinimeJer053695d ago

Because seeing this most likely shitty film on a regular screen just wasn't enough. They have to THROW it at us on the BIGGEST screen possible and for the MOST EXPENSIVE ticket.

Bravo Sony. Keep on milkin' the cow.