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‘13’ Finally Sees The Light Of Day, Picked Up For Distribution By Anchor Bay

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“13 Tzameti,” 2006’s Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, is a clipped, tight and exciting piece of genre filmmaking. Gela Babluani‘s directorial debut concerns a layman who accepts a mysterious envelope meant for another man, only to learn that the payday promised therein forces him to participate in a Russian Roulette tournament. The film is stark, black and white, and French, a minor minimalist masterpiece that lingers in your head for days afterwards. If we told you Babluani remade his own film in color with American money and huge Hollywood stars, would you not believe that it was probably terrible? And would that pessimism be highlighted by the film’s over two year post-production period?

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StarWarsFan3691d ago

Let's hope 13 isn't an unlucky number for the movie at the box-office.

Soldierone3690d ago

The picture along is really makes me not want to see it even more than all this bad talk about it. The combine that with the fact you have pretty big (and good selling) cast and distributors still didn't want to pick it up? Thats saying a LOT. These guys could be in a crummy action movie and still make millions, so what the hell did they do to this movie to make it suck?

alycakes3690d ago

When I saw this article I was wondering that myself. I think it's strange that it took so long. There has to be a very big reason for this and I guess we are about to find out.

DarkBlood3690d ago

the guy on the right who i think it is?

alycakes3690d ago

There's a lot of foreign character players in this movie and the some of the faces are familiar but I don't really know any of them very well.