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'Top Gun' Coming to Theaters in 3D

From THR:

Tony Scott’s 1986 classic Top Gun starring Tom Cruise is being converted to 3D for a theatrical release.

A four-minute 'world premiere' preview of the converted film--featuring the 'Danger Zone' aerial flight sequence--was screened Monday at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.

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darklordzor3698d ago

Dear God why? Seriously, why do we need to convert this to 3D? I like the movies, but can't really see it benefiting from it. I mean, can you imagine that volleyball scene in 3D? Not cool.

koouunn3697d ago

because holywood is retarded and in the NEED to make fucking remakes and remastered versions of classic movies and just take a piss and shit all over them

(dont know if that counts as swearing)

ezcex3697d ago

Hollywood ran out of ideas a long time ago.

sinclaircrown3696d ago

Oh there's plenty of very good ideas in hollywood. Millions of great scripts sitting collecting dust because:

1. It is a business, and companies like "easy money" So sequels, remakes and reboots will always win.

2. People buy the tickets to the above.

Want good orginal movies? browse the independent section. Or go foreign.

StarWarsFan3697d ago

I just can't wait for that dreamy Tom Cruise smile in 3D.

alycakes3697d ago

This is such a ridiculous idea...I don't understand hollywood anymore. No one really cares to see this in 3D and if they's not enough to off set the cost.

sinclaircrown3696d ago

The movie is already made. Some bunch of interns are probably not making much in converting the movie.

then they just ship it out to theatres and take most of the money from their ticket sales.

There's not much cost in them doing this. Only to the people stupid enough to go see it... which they will.

iamnsuperman3697d ago

Right so we can no watch a really homoerotic film in 3D. I might just pass on this

CPO3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Wow, what kills us at CPO is that 3D has not taken off as it was expected too, and there has been just as much bad press and bad reviews of movie 3D as good. So why are the studios converting OLD movies and risking even more bad press???
Enquiring minds wanna know!