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Editor's Corner: Are Movie Theaters Facing Extinction?

From TMP:

With the Summer 2011 movie season behind us now, the numbers have come in. While most movie-goers and even websites (ourselves included) have been adamant that this has been one of the better Summer's for movies in several years, the numbers can't lie. Theater attendance this year was at it's lowest point since well over a decade...

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darklordzor3696d ago

It just hurts my heart. I mean, I'm already going to have to explain to my son what a VHS tape is. I hope I don't have to explain to him that 'back in the day' we went and saw movies on a big screen, and not just at home.

StarWarsFan3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Cheapening the price of home video releases isn't helping. DVD and Blu-ray releases don't seem to hold up their initial value for a long time, so you have a lot of people focusing on getting titles on sale, and just not having the extra energy and cash to want to go see more movies in theaters.

darklordzor3696d ago

Yeah I typically buy my movies on sale too. Though the price of blu-rays aren't nearly what they once were so it's getting cheaper and cheaper to buy them.

But it's not just the cost of them, I think it's the quick availability of them on blu-ray/DVD. Movies are hitting store shelves quicker and quicker after the theater runs.

Hell, Transformers 3 is coming out this month, when it just open in theaters 2 months ago (July)! If there was a bigger gap in between that might help as well.

Soldierone3696d ago

I don't see why many websites are saying this is one of the best summers ever. Just want to know why, im not bashing anyone's opinion (especially a fellow writer lol).

My take

Last year alone was WAY better, and next year is already shaping up to be ten times better. Last year we got thing like How to Train your Dragon, Toy Story, even Inception (one of the few movies recently released to blow me away). This year we got a bunch of introductions to Avengers, and a Green Lantern movie nobody supposedly liked.

This is the problem for me. A really good example of this problem, how many movies are "converted" to 3D after production? Its a half arsed attempt to make a quick buck. We all know having true 3D (like Avatar) takes effort right down to the cinematographer shooting things differently. To me this half arsed attempt is seen throughout all the major movies, except animation. How many movies have deep stories anymore? Things you walk away remembering? Having a changed experience and bringing you into an entirely new world? very few do it. Most have you sitting there "oh that was cool visuals" and thats about it. Some like Thor and Captain America head in this direction then its over before it ever gets there so they could have a few extra action sequences.

Combine this with the prices and the fact Hollywood rather have money than good experiences and you see how they shoot themselves in the foot all the time and don't care.

darklordzor3696d ago

While only a handful of movies (if that) stood out this Summer as stellar, every other film overall was rather enjoyable (the Marvel films and such). Last Summer had plenty of AAA titles, but all of the other films fell incredibly short and just sucked.

I say this is one of the best Summers because, most movies this year were incredibly enjoyable and worth seeing. They might not be triple 'A', but they weren't garbage either.

Soldierone3695d ago

I guess the question I am asking is would everyone rather have the half arsed movies throughout summer, with little to no "bombs" Instead of several AMAZING movies with a bunch of lackluster attempts in between?

I mean how long were people talking about Inception? Weeks, right down to the time it released on DVD people were trying to "figure it out." This year we had Super 8, and well action movies.

I mean you and I bother read comics and we know how deep and emotional these characters can be, and its so easy to do it. Why is Hollywood incapable of doing so? I mean walking away from Thor for example, I didn't care about Thor. All I cared about was the visuals that were shown up the following week. Not saying it was a terrible movie by any means, but the dynamics and story were all about "how cool can we make this look".

I guess I'm just a story guy and the only thing "big" that remotely tried to accomplish a story was X-Men and Sucker Punch, and nobody liked the second one because their friend of their friend didn't wanna give it a chance. No joke. I was in a discussion on Yahoo where someone said "Just give it a chance and develop YOUR OWN opinion on things" and 25 people replied for lack of better words "I rather not." Surprised the hell out of me.

We were watching LA Confidential today, and it made me think where have these movies gone?

darklordzor3695d ago

X-Men and Rise of the Planet of the Apes were the stellar ones this year for me.

Shackdaddy8363695d ago

I have a drive-in movie theater in my town. I want more of those :)

Probably the best way to see a movie imo.

darklordzor3695d ago

I totally agree with you on that. There is one close to me, and I try to go whenever I can. Those are just great!

MinimeJer053695d ago

I don't know what I'd do with myself in theaters went away. I know more and more people are choosing to stay at home, but the theater business brought in BILLIONS. That isn't going to just go away. Sure, it might decline, but I don't see theaters completely going away.