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Resident Evil Star Reunites With Jovovich for Retribution

Shock Til You Drop:
Colin Salmon, the actor who played "One" in 2002's Resident Evil, is making a return to the franchise in Resident Evil: Retribution.

Salmon updated his Twitter followers: "Confirmed I will be shooting new Resident Evil movie. Paul Anderson has written an amazing script." That's about all we have to go on right now, but you can begin speculating as to how he returns.

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alycakes3698d ago

I want to know how he returns too...if you watch the first one and the 3rd one (Extinction), he was in both of those and he died in both of those and they never explained either one like no one would notice him since he didn't really have a huge part...but I did notice and now he's coming back again?

DarkBlood3697d ago

i honestly did not see this guy in the third film only the first one so that is totally confusing lol

alycakes3697d ago

In the third one he was running the computer in the tent in Vegas trying to control her when all the zombies were attacking them and she finally realizes where they are at the top of the building and goes after them. She shoots him dead and the others too. Only the doctor gets away and gets bit but takes off on the helicoter.

DarkBlood3697d ago

i see, well thanks for that i'll have to watch closely when i do a marathon before seeing the 5th

StarWarsFan3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I hope he doesn't die in the first five minutes of the movie because that wouldn't be much of a reunion.

alycakes3697d ago

In the first Resident Evil he was cut up in cubes by those laser rays when they were trying to get thru that hallway with the lasers.