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'Contagion' Infects the Box Office, No 'Help' Needed

Movie theaters were relatively abuzz this weekend as Contagion contended with recent doldrums and weak new releases alike. Most notably, Steven Soderbergh's latest was able to dethrone the reigning box-office champ The Help with only a slight protest. Fellow newcomers didn’t rise to the occasion, as the fight movie of the year hit the mats and the porn-star spoof was left on the cutting room floor.

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StarWarsFan3687d ago

I just coughed. I think I've caught something. Damn you Contagion.

alycakes3685d ago

That's what everyone was saying they wanted to do. 'Let's go see it and start coughing during the movie'...

I'm not sure I want to see it at the theater...tooo depressing!