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The Ten Worst Movies Ever Made

Divine Caroline:

After being forced to watch The Love Guru recently, I was appalled at the dreadful depths to which onscreen entertainment has fallen. The trashiness that saturates the programs offered for our viewing makes me feel physically ill—and secretly intrigued. I dug deep into the dark, hairy underbelly of Hollywood to uncover some of the other most tasteless, atrocious, and unprofitable films ever made.

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alycakes3697d ago

I hadn't even heard of some of these and I have to say they sound like they are the worst movies ever made and the couple that I have heard about were really bad so I agree with them also.

CPO3696d ago

Like all lists it is very subjective. Seems it is really more a list of the ten worst "chick-flicks" not overall worst movies. Anyways, of course we think that there are umpteen horror movies to add too. No matter what, still a good list, or rather, bad list!!

Arcee3696d ago

I agree with you here. A couple on here (including Ballistic: Eks vs. Sever) I would put way above several generic and really abysmal horror and video game movies. Has anyone even seen the Tekken movie? That would go on this list IMO.

Soldierone3696d ago

Some "horror" movies are absolutely horrible, but its also the entry stone to Hollywood for some reason. So the question is would it even be fair to allow them to take over the list, or should their just be a "worse horror movies ever" list instead? lol

JL3696d ago

I own almost half of these lol

I actually kinda like Gigli. If for nothing else, because of Justin Bartha ("bless you" lol). Son of Mask I didn't hate cause of a few funny moments. And Ballistic, while a generic action movie, isn't overly horrible I don't think. At least not enough to be one of the 10 worst. Freddie Got Fingered...well, I guess it provided a couple laughs back when I was an immature young adult and had the advantage of viewing it under the influence of some plants lol

Legion3696d ago

Some games deserved of the list include "From Justin to Kelly", "Gigli", "Glitter" and that is just about all. The other movies maybe 2 on the list I haven't seen and thus can't confirm yea or nea on.

But "Freddy Got Fingered" is very funny. I understand how some people don't get the humor of it... but those same people just don't like the humor of Tom Green for the most part.

"Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" not one of the worst ever. The action in it was good. Lucy Liu is hot and to say "what in the world is an Eck or a Sever?", just an idea... watch the movie and obvious even with out watching the movie that they are the names of the protagonist and antagonist.

"The Hottie and the Nottie" Not a baddie movie. Maybe Paris Hilton isn't the best actress but she fits the role perfectly and the humor and story is funny enough to keep it out of the bottom dwelling category. People just hate due to the actor or actress sometimes.

I can go on about the other movies on this list but they are for the most part meeting a niche in the market and people have found them funny for that niche. But those not falling into that niche pan them. "Son of the Mask" awful in my eyes but my kids liked it so it fit it's niche.

iamnsuperman3696d ago

I also enjoyed Freddy got fingered. Really bizarre film but funny at the dame time

Legion3695d ago

Note: not sure why I typed games instead of movies? ha

MinimeJer053696d ago

I've always wanted to see Ballistic just because of how bad everyone says it is.

I saw PARTS of Gilgi and while I didn't really love it, I don't see why everyone hated it. I've seen far worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.