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Toronto 'Intruders' Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Is Highlander Frontrunner


Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, here for today’s world premiere of his latest film The Intruders, is Summit Entertainment’s choice to direct Highlander. That is the reboot of the 1986 film about immortals who battle with swords, and live and die by the mantra that “there can be only one.” Fresnadillo is now in discussions to direct a film that Summit will co-finance with RCR Media Group. Fresnadillo is also attached to direct a reboot of The Crow, which has Bradley Cooper attached.

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darklordzor3688d ago

So which is he going to do first? The Crow or the Highlander reboot. Personally, I'm hoping for Highlander. I'm way more interested in that than a Crow remake.

StarWarsFan3687d ago

Highlander does seem like a more appealing project to wait for than The Crow does. I don't think anyone is ready for the Crow to come back to theaters, not with so many other comic book powerhouses dominating schedules right now. Unless that is, they're willing to properly back the project. No one needs another Elektra, for example, missing the mark and not capitalizing on its full potential just for the sake of putting it out there.

alycakes3687d ago

I'm in for either one. I was a big fan of Highlander though. Both the movies and the tv show so I guess that would be nice to see done if it's done right. Don't want it done all chopped up like the last made for tv movie 'The Source' that they did. I would still want the music of Queen to be used also or it wouldn't be the same without the same musical score.