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Michael Shannon Says His General Zod In ‘Man of Steel’ Will Be Very Different From Terence Stamp’s

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We have to confess, when considering the possibilities as to who might end up playing villain General Zod in Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot “Man of Steel,” Michael Shannon was never on our list. Not that he’s not a fine actor—he’s one of the finest out there right now, one who goes from strength to strength with seemingly every performance. And not that he’s resisted studio fare in the past—indeed, he’ll be playing a villain in the Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle “Premium Rush” at the start of next year. It’s more that Shannon’s particular brand of bug-eyed crazy is so very different from the steely fascism embodied by Terence Stamp in the character’s last big-screen appearance in “Superman II.”

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StarWarsFan3697d ago

Well, at least the villain is played by an American.

alycakes3697d ago

Agreed...someone has to be.