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Push-Start. Review: Troll Hunter

Edward Westman writes: "The film is yet another addition to the ever expanding genre of the false document horror movie and as is the case with most trends, the gag is wearing perilously thin. Notwithstanding the nagging issue of documentary tool becoming a first person perspective (or vice versa? I’m so confused), the narrative ploy of ‘found footage’ has been so overused that by the time the events unfold we have been strapped to the rails of the world’s most generic rollercoaster. One that we are invited to ride at least twice every year, each time we are promised a new thrill, which only ever turns out to be a variation on the same old rope. ‘Step right up folks to see a classic monster trope obscured by a handheld camera!’ The visual effects are certainly to be admired, but such is an over-saturated marketplace where everybody else has their own Cloverfield, where being able to master the painstaking process of compositing a CG monster into wobbly handheld photography (match-mo...

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steve30x3687d ago

This film is one of those rubbish films that claims that the story is true. This film is complete and utter garbage and I want that time back.

Kos-Mos3687d ago

The problem with this movie is that it falls between "scary" and "funny". But if you think it`s meant to be taken serious when they say the story is true, you don`t understand much.
It`s a clichè/sarcastic movie about norwegian folklore, but without interesting characters. It`s not very funny except some quotes which you have to be norwegian to understand. They should have tried a more scary direction. Too bad the director isn`t professional.

steve30x3685d ago

I did'nt find the film either scary or funny

Kos-Mos3685d ago probably can read...