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Stan Lee Dishes On Cameo In The Avengers And Praises Director Joss Whedon

Comic Book Movie:
Ultimately praising the superhero flick's director, Stan "the man" Lee also reveals a tidbit regarding his cameo in The Avengers & why he thinks you may not recognize him.

As shown in several set photos from last weekend's final days of filming in New York, Stan Lee filmed his much-expected cameo for Marvel Studios' The Avengers. And on that same day, "the man" attended the annual Dragon*Con, where he ultimately praised director Joss Whedon and vaguely discussed the cameo.

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andron3688d ago

this movie will be sweet. Go Joss Whedon...and the Avengers of course...

alycakes3688d ago

I know it will. I can't wait and Stan Lee is so honest at what he says about anything he talks about. I'm glad he's happy about the project.

Soldierone3687d ago

I hard is it to fix the lights? lol

Being this is the AVENGERS I would assume Stan Lee would get a slightly bigger role in it, but I guess not. I hope he plays a big part in Spider-Man at least. He created these characters after all, he deserves to be more than a one word cameo guy.

Like his Cameo in Mallratz was friggin epic haha

StarWarsFan3687d ago

I hope they don't blow it with this movie. I mean, I hope they blow plenty up in it, but just not the movie itself.