FilmFracture Review: Creature

James Jay Edwards of FilmFracture writes: "Creature is a throwback to the old 70's and 80's monster movies. It's got blood. It's got boobs. It's got Sid Haig. The only thing missing is Roger Corman's name on it. Oh, also missing is the tongue-in-cheek wink-wink humor that the creature-feature genre requires. Directed by Fred Andrews (who cut his teeth on T.V.'s "Without a Trace"), Creature takes itself way too seriously. It tries to be a legitimate horror movie instead of playing up the campy factor. The cookie-cutter characters are boring and annoying, and thus disposable, but they just don't die fast enough. Despite the spotty acting and corny dialogue, the film does not come off as a retro B-movie, it just comes off as bad -- and not in the good way."

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