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X-Men: First Class Blu-ray Issues on PS3, Magneto to Blame?

Bradford Taylor writes:
Reports are coming in that the Blu-ray version of X-Men: First Class is having issues when being played on the Playstation 3. Some are saying the movie frequently pauses, while others say the movie won’t play at all. It is uncertain at this time whether the issue is with the disc itself or with the Playstation 3.

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darklordzor3694d ago

Damn! I was wondering what the deal was. That's what was happening to me last night. I actually ended up taking the disc back this morning and replaced it with another just because I thought the disc was to blame.

DarkBlood3694d ago

i yet to try it on my ps3 yet but no problems on my moms bluray player

Solid_Malone3693d ago

Theres a temporarily solution to the problems, just do the following:

1. Turn off the internet connection.

2. Erase all files in the BD Temp folder

3. Erase the X-Men First Class file under the data tree

4. Restart your PS3 with no disc in

5. Put in the movie and be happy that it actually works and looks vunderbar

Arcee3693d ago

Well, I have watched the movie several times on my PS3/Blu-ray player and I haven't encountered any problems yet since Friday. I'd say I've seen it around 5 times and every time it has played wonderfully with no issues.

DeFFeR3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

5 times? Really? Way to rub it in...

Anyway... are you connected to auto-updates?

What settings are you running? I've got issues, but I can't seem to figure out how to resolve them.

Arcee3692d ago

Sorry. I just really liked the movie and my son is a big X-Men fan as well.

As for my system, everything is as up to date as it can be. When I get home, I can get you the specifics of my system, but since I am seeing this at work, telling you that all the updates are installed is the best I can do.

EliteAssass1n3692d ago

Same here. Have watched it twice and seen all the special features without any problems. hopefully they find a fix for you guys with problems.

StarWarsFan3693d ago

It's funny because I saw a contest advertise you could win a PS3 with a Blu-ray copy of X-Men: First Class. That's a mismatch.

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The story is too old to be commented.