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Screen Rant's ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Finale Review and Discussion

Screen Rant:
Starz’ US-centric entry to the ‘Torchwood’ universe ends tonight with ‘The Blood Line’. Does the finale deliver on the promises built-up in the epic series run? Read our review to find out.

The ten-part miniseries chronicling the latest adventures of the Torchwood team concluded tonight with the last episode of Miracle Day. There’s a lot to cover in one short hour, and a lot of expectations to deliver on. Is “The Blood Line” up to the task? Read on to find out.

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alycakes3697d ago

I loved it...I wasn't sure about the part with giving the CIA agent his imortality with his blood but we'll have to see where that takes them if they bring the show back...which I hope they do. Torchwood has always been one of my favorite shows but it was better when it was the original Torchwood in the UK with the original cast.