Olivia Wilde To Have The Longest Week

Olivia Wilde has been cast as the female lead in The Longest Week. The project is about a man named Conrad Valmont who has spent his life living off of his parents until over the course of a week, Valmont's life falls apart completely. Needless to say, that week is now set to get Wilde.

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StarWarsFan3698d ago

Olivia Wilde seems to be in a lot, but she also seems to be quite forgettable.

xVeZx3698d ago

she was forgettable in tron and cowboys and aliens but omg you will remember her in the change up lol

alycakes3698d ago

I don't think she's forgettable. I like her and I think she's quite good in her movies. She has been very busy lately and maybe she's over extended herself but so far I think she's done okay.