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Why Mad Men is Secretly Ruining Our Taste in TV

theBitFix writes: "If you’ve been following the non-start drama with Christine Baranski over the new TV dramas Pan Am and The Playboy Club, then you know that we’ve suddenly found ourselves in a newly invigorated obsession with the 60’s and all of the unprocessed patriarchal dominance and repressed sexuality that go along with that particularly pitch-able era in history. All of this, of course, is a direct result of AMC’s overwhelming success with their show Mad Men; a show that is not only very good, but probably ruining our capacity to enjoy TV ever again."

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StarWarsFan3697d ago

With new episodes of Mad Men absent from airwaves right now, I wonder if Pan Am and The Playboy Club will cement themselves in the television schedule enough to take some viewers away in the long run. The setting of the 1960's made Mad Men unique. That uniqueness is going to be threatened if Pan Am and The Playboy Club are successful.

alycakes3697d ago

Well, it's not ruining mine because I've never seen any of it. Not one episode of Mad Men....that's because just from the previews I decided that it was just another soap opera...maybe more high dollar prime time but still a soap opera. I've never liked shows like that and never will. I'll be surprised if The Playboy Club and Pan Am make it and they remind me of the same thing almost.