TMP's Fall 2011 Movie Guide: September

From TMP:

Summer 2011 was awesome, but you know what's better? FALL 2011. Almost fifty films are releasing this fall, and most of them look to be very, very promising, so we're here with a guide to help you sift through them all.

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alycakes3698d ago

There are a lot of good ones here to look forward to. I mostly want to see the action ones and the ones based on true stories like Killer Elite and Machine Gun Preacher. I also want to see Apollo 18 and Drive. Those would be my first picks for the season and then I'm sure one or two more but we'll see what I can and can't make it to.

StarWarsFan3697d ago

Why did they include Apollo 18 when they're only considering movies that come out in September?

darklordzor3697d ago

Honestly don't know about that one either...

darklordzor3697d ago

I'm actually very excited for Lion King. I don't care so much about the 3D, but I'm psyched for the chance to see it in theaters once more.