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'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Stills


‘Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol’ poster: Tom Cruise is not messing around
The first poster touting Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is simple, elegant… and kind of intimidating. Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt is rockin’ a steely gaze below the same hood he has sported in a prior teaser and set images. Below Cruise’s forbidding gaze is the signature Mission: Impossible fuse.

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alycakes3990d ago

I'm liking the poster. One of his best so far. Hope the movie is to. I liked his last MI movie and the first one but I wasn't too crazy about the second one so we'll see how this one turns out. So far it looks like it's going to be really great as far as the action scenes are concerned.

StarWarsFan3988d ago

It's a decent poster, but it doesn't scream "Mission: Impossible" to me. It could act as a poster for any movie.