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‘Heroes Of Nanking’ With Christian Bale Now Titled ‘The Flowers Of War’

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Today, the Toronto International Film Festival was host to twenty minutes of “The Flowers Of War,” the new film from Zhang Yimou seeking a distributor. If you’re confused, thinking that the world was finally going to get a look at “Heroes Of Nanking,” don’t worry, it’s the same movie, with Christian Bale as an American priest who helps a number of local women take shelter during the Nanking Massacre of 1937. The synopsis also suggests they “fight back,” though the original title is much more aggressive than the new, more graceful one. Both are a bit too melodramatic for our taste, and we suspect to most this will be “that Chinese movie with Batman.”

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alycakes3698d ago

I just love Bale but I do think sometimes these actor over extend themselves. He's been filming this inbetween The Dark Knight. That's a lot to do...going back and forth. I know they make the big bucks but still it seems like they never stop.