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Transformers Dark of the Moon Hits Blu-Ray September 30th

From TMP:

After a lot of speculation (I'm not quite sure why really), as to when the third Transformers movie would be hitting store shelves in the US, Paramount has now issued a full press release about it.

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StarWarsFan3689d ago

I'm not loving this commitment to Friday as a release day for Blu-rays. I much prefer good ol' Tuesday.

DarkBlood3689d ago

well if any guess its got to do with the other movies releasing so giving a spread out timespan as to avoid losing sales against other big name movies or something

JL3689d ago

Actually, nothing of any note releases that week. Rather, the reason they go for a Friday here is because nothing of any real note releases in theaters that week either.

And since Tuesday is the normal day, a Friday release makes the movie's release stand out more and appear more "special" and like more of a big deal, so to speak.

JL3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Friday is rare for DVD releases. So, it's not like you're gonna see this often. And you're definitely not going to see the industry move to a traditional Friday release day over Tuesday.

Big studios just do this from time to time with very major releases. Usually you'll see it occur on a week when you have no major theatrical releases either, since that's part of the reason Tuesday is the traditional date anyways (so as not to compete with theatrical releases).

Friday releases on occasion just allow the studio to give a certain "special" status to their DVD, making it seem like a more prestigious release.

On that note, I do have to say this is a very quick turnaround from release announcement to actual release date. Usually, especially with major releases like this, they announce it like a month or two in advance.

darklordzor3687d ago

Yeah, but it pisses me off too. I get all set for my Tuesday releases, and then it makes me wait longer. And it does seem like it's becoming more of a trend. We had X-Men First Class do it, Star Wars is doing it on a Friday, and now Transformers.

While it's not EVERY release, it does seem like the bigger ones are starting to use that day up instead.

It makes sense to me why, but it doesn't mean I like it ;)