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The Rum Diary – Trailer Talk

Depp moors The Black Pearl to cruise the Caribbean as a rogue reporter in Hunter S Thompson’s long lost novel. Little White Lies takes an in-depth look at The Rum Diary trailer in their regular blog, Trailer Talk.

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StarWarsFan3695d ago

Jack Sparrow liked rum. Now, it's The Rum Diaries. I think Johnny Depp has a drinking problem.

Deanways3691d ago

He'll star in the story of Morgan Spiced next.

alycakes3694d ago

I think the only problem Johnny Depp has is finding a part he can't do. He's great in just about anything. I don't know about anyone else but I'll see this movie only because of him. The plot seems a little interesting and now I'm wondering what does happen but most of all he's the main attraction.

Deanways3691d ago

He really is isn't he. The only problem is when he's in a rubbish film...The Tourist and The Ninth Gate are but two.