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6 Things the Film Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About

You may already be a film industry cynic. Maybe you think Hollywood is a barren wasteland, devoid of creativity and originality. Maybe you’re sick of seeing talented people get ignored and vapid hacks get splashed all over the trades. Maybe you’re tired of 3D everything and having to re-buy your movies every five to ten years.

I’m not here to dissuade you of any of that. Hell no, I’m here to make it worse. Get ready, because this is some of the rottenest shit of which the film industry is capable. These are the things so terrible that Hollywood has to cover them up, lest God see their sin and smite them accordingly (and keep various government entities and lawyers off their backs, of course). If you still had any kind thoughts toward Hollywood, I suggest you prepare yourself for crushing disappointment.

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MinimeJer053501d ago

Very good read. Didn't know about a few of those scummy things Hollywood did/does!

JL3501d ago

Indeed a very interesting read. I think I knew most of these tactics generally speaking, but the specific examples and everything made it very interesting.

Didnt know about the Darth Vader thing. Hasnt made a profit yet? Definite bull on that.

Garethvk3501d ago

A great artcile and sadly not even close to all the garbage that goes on.

rataranian3501d ago

Srsly...who still goes to theaters? I can blu ray movies on a 80 inch led tv or better yet project it and sit naked in a recliner with all the food I can think of for less than it cost to go to a place that will bleed my wallet and listen to a bunch of idiots and screaming children.

CynicalVision3501d ago

I can't tell if you're being serious or not but I'll bite;

1)Who still goes to the cinema? Apparently millions of people do (including myself), since movies appear FIRST in the cinema it's better than waiting months for it to be released on Bluray.

2)In my opinion Bluray is no match for a cinema screen, you're complaining about it bleeding your wallet yet how much have you spend on your entertainment system and how much do you spend on Blurays alone? Probably a lot more than a cinema ticket.

3)Maybe you live in a rough area but whenever I go to the cinema everyone is quiet and there are no kids because the movies I'm interested in are not suitable for them.

tarbis3501d ago

Great read. Hollywood the great bully.

alycakes3501d ago

As much as I love movie and will continue to watch them and buy them this is the way I've always seen the industry. The industry reminds me of can't trust anyone or anything that anyone says or anything that anyone says that someone else said....get it?

firefoxprime3501d ago

Jeez man...the page won't open! Its as if Hollywood HQ crashed the site...! What browser are you guys using??

alycakes3500d ago

I'm on internet explorer and I'm able to read it alright so it might just be something on your PC.

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