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J.J. Abrams’s New Megacompany Could Allow Him to Overturn Hollywood’s Rules

Yesterday saw the announcement of an enormous new company that has J.J. Abrams teaming up with his former WME agent John Fogelman, just as we'd predicted back in June. Their new company, FactoryMade Ventures, is a "hybrid entertainment, media business development and consulting firm," according to the press release, that will develop projects by Abrams, Michael Bay, Robert Rodriguez and reality TV producer Thom Beers (The Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers) for “digital and mobile platforms” and for “cable and network television both domestically and in emerging markets." In other words, it's an endeavor that has one eye toward the obsolescence of traditional media models.

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StarWarsFan3690d ago

Does this mean more Star Trek, Transformers, Spy Kid movies and Ice Road Truckers?

JL3690d ago

They've already said they're gonna make another Star Trek movie. I'm pretty sure Bay said he's done with Transformers. I wanna say Rodriguez is done with Spy Kids. At least for the foreseeable future. And Ice Road Truckers I know nothing about.

In short, this means Abrams and company could rise above hollywood politics and not be bogged down by that red tape.

StarWarsFan3690d ago

I was being sarcastic. My point was: do we need that?

gaffyh3690d ago

Wait, what was wrong with Star Trek? I thought it was awesome, and I hate Star Trek.

outwar60103690d ago

same star trek has always been uber crap to me but ive seen the movie like 4 times and i like it

Panthers3690d ago

The new Star Trek is one of my fav movies. It really surprised me how good it was. I cant wait for a sequel.

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JL3690d ago

Sorry, guess I missed the sarcasm lol

Anyways, we may not need more of those movies, but something like this could indeed be good for the industry. If anything, it could prove to provide a shakeup in Hollywood. Something to break the status quo of the Hollywood machine that has really done quite a bit of damage to the film industry.

outwar60103690d ago

i think everyone missed it lol

alycakes3690d ago

Well, I know he's starts filming Star Trek pretty soon and he said he has a couple of other TV shows in the works already with a couple of other people for the near future. After Lost and now he has Alcatraz, there's no limits to what he may have coming down the line. This guy never sleeps.