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Is Marion Cotillard's 'Dark Knight Rises' Character Who You Think She Is?

MTV News caught up with the Oscar winning actress at the New York City premiere of her new movie "Contagion" last night, and we had to ask her about her work on Christopher Nolan's latest Batman movie. Some potential spoilers lie ahead, so proceed with caution…

If you've been following "The Dark Knight Rises" even somewhat closely, you've probably heard the rumors by now that Cotillard's supposed character — a Wayne Enterprises board member named Miranda Tate — is just a cover for her real identity, Talia al Ghul, daughter of the late League of Assassins leader Ra's. Miranda does not appear in the comic books, but Talia is very much tied into the Caped Crusader's paneled history… which makes it very interesting that Cotillard says the character she plays does not have comic book roots.

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alycakes3701d ago

This will be interesting to say the least. I had forgotten about her all together. Now I'm beginning to wonder how this will effect the story.

darklordzor3701d ago

Hmmmm....Interesting. I mean, the set pics we've seen of her really led me to believe she was Talia, which would make a lot of sense. Not sure about her being a non-comic book character though.

Nolan has done such a great job in using the many diverse characters in the comics, I can't understand why he wouldn't use another one on her.

Could just be more misdirection.

JL3700d ago

If I'm not mistaken, this wouldnt be the first time he created a character that wasnt from the comics would it? I see her being a minor role of sorts anyways.

darklordzor3700d ago

No, but for the larger more story impactful roles (as it seems she may have) he's always gone with an existing character.

JL3700d ago

See thats where my opinion differs. I dont see her being that major a role. I see her ending up being a Rachel Dawes type character. Who was somewhat important in TDK, but she was never anything more than a generic love interest. Even her most important impact (the bomb stuff) just used as her more of a "set piece" in a sense.

StarWarsFan3700d ago

As long as Édith Piaf isn't introduced as a character in The Dark Knight Rises, I'm open to anything.