The Daily Rotation - Contagion Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Movies like this frustrate me. They collect a great cast of stars along with an accomplished director with an interesting story to tell, but they somehow fail to make anything interesting. Contagion is an okay film in terms of acting, camerawork and general storytelling, but it goes nowhere fast. It starts out with lots promise thanks to the tension built by director Steven Soderbergh, but it slowly infects the audience with boredom and a general lack of point. Those of you saying that the slow as molasses pace isn’t for anyone and is more of a required taste can suck it because I’ve sat through the roadshow edition of Che, a previous Soderbergh film that carried a running time of over four hours and while that was rather long I thought it was very engaging and an overall great film. Contagion on the other hand had me checking my watch after about an hour. The film starts strong and slowly fizzles out leaving you with a disappointed ending that feels very rushed."

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I'm still curious to see it.