Lauren Shuler Donner Talks 'X4,' 'The Wolverine,' 'Deadpool' and More

Thomas Leupp of

"At today’s media day for the Blu-ray release of X Men: First Class (out this Friday!), I spoke with Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of all five blockbuster X-Men films, about the future of Marvel’s mutant ensemble. "

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DarkBlood3701d ago

i can only hope it becomes true a way to make all the films fit is to edit a tiny bit with the original trilogy changing the timeline (for the lack of better word) so that the past films can make sense and tie in with the trilogy

alycakes3700d ago

I'm just glad they are going on with the trilogy and also the Deadpool and Wolverine movies. I saw the ending of the Wolverine movie the other day and had forgotten about what had happened at the end after the credits with Deadpool so I'm looking forward to this movie now.

DarkBlood3700d ago

yeah i also wish the magneto movie never got cancelled

Peaceful_Jelly3700d ago

I watched First Class the other day and it was good but it followed the traditional formula and it's getting boring now. The beginning was slow with lots of character development and then in the last 40 minutes all of sudden the movie's pace became fast and action packed.

StarWarsFan3700d ago

When are the toddler years of the X-Men going to be profiled in a film?