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Dr. Chris "Shark Night 3D is a movie that should have been on the SyFy Channel during a Saturday night creature fest rather than released in theaters. My friend and actor, Corin Nemec, made two of those types of films for SyFy - and they were much better than this film. Shark Night 3D is a sad attempt to try to cash in on last year’s hit, Piranha 3D. The ONLY problem is that little fish movie had LOTS OF BLOOD AND BOOBS; this film had neither."

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Soldierone3700d ago

People don't realize Jaws actually took a lot of skill to make. The tense moments and everything it had were so well done, and thats what made it "scary" This stuff isn't scary. The review hit it on the head, its a quick money grab and nothing more.

The sad thing is why did they go for the teenage audience and not just go out and slap R on it and make it another standard porno with horror in it....Those sell well. Perhaps thats what the "unedited" DVD release will have. Either way I still won't be watching it.