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Neither Smurf Nor Wizard Could Save Summer Movie Attendance

From New York Times:

It was the summer that North American movie attendance continued to slide, Hollywood’s reliance on overseas ticket sales intensified, the Smurfs flexed their minimuscles and a cadre of A-list stars flopped — again.

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darklordzor3697d ago

This really blows. Personally, I felt this was one of the strongest Summer's we've had in a long time as far as the quality of movies go. While there were some stinkers, on the whole, I thought it was a great Summer for movies.

So that's disheartening to think that even in a good Summer season, with several excellent movies, attendance is still slipping.

Daver3696d ago

I thought there was too many average movies this summer well I mean Blockbusters that turned out to be average.

Best movie I have seen this summer is Harry Potter I think not because Im a big fan because part 1 really sucked but it was the most enjoying movie in my opinion

2pacalypsenow3696d ago

i just dont have $10 to spend on a movie , i rather wait the 4-6 moths to rent it for $1

rataranian3696d ago

Oh big effing deal. Poor Hollywood. I feel so bad for not stuffing all their pockets with 120 million dollars each piece of crap they shove out there and try to jack up the price each year. Show me something more than a fake 3d remake and put in some effort in not a computer, and furthermore $6 is my limit for the ticket. Eat it.

JL3696d ago

I don't think this "slump" is any surprise really. The economy hasn't exactly been great the last few years and prices to go to the theater are kind of outrageous. Me and my girlfriend went Tuesday and for tickets and concession I think it cost me about $40. That's just not right.

The funny thing is, you see some of these places raising prices more to try to make up for loss of attendance. When the real problem is that it's these increases in prices that are causing the slump in attendance.

It really is telling when you look at the data: we have movies setting record sales this year in terms of revenue. But attendance is the lowest it's been in over a decade. That really says something there.

eclectified3696d ago

My local AMC charges $9.50 a ticket for showings outside of matinee. I don't even know how much for 3D. It wouldn't be so bad if you at least got a free drink with it, but holy damn.
For the cost of a pair of tickets, you could wait for the DVD and just buy that. At least then you'd have something to show for it.

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