Why General Zod's CGI Costume Is a Good Thing

From TMP:

Michael Shannon has now confirmed that General Zod's costume will be a CGI creation for the Man of Steel movie and fans are on the fence on how they feel about that. So TMP is here to tell you why this is probably a good thing.

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darklordzor3063d ago

Personally, I do hope they go with the big armor look. I mean, the Faora pics looks like she has armor of some kind on.

DarkBlood3063d ago

im guessing the armour is hard to make physically so cgi is the only best bet at this point in time?

SantistaUSA3062d ago

well nowadays we have great cgi, technology has come long ways, so if they do it right, I'm sure it will look awesome!

darklordzor3062d ago

Yep, I think the technology is at a place where it will look just fine. Besides, with the release date pushed back by half a year, they've got plenty of time now to get it right.

tarbis3062d ago

I'm interested to see what kind of CG armor they are going to make. I just hope, it's not the same as the ones in the article. I didn't like it at all.

darklordzor3061d ago

I'm sure they'd tone it down a little than what they've done in the comics as far as the look of the armor.