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Michael Shannon Confirms: Yes, That's Him in the Motion Capture Suit on the Set of 'Man of Steel'

Moviefone says:

A few weeks ago, a photo surfaced from the set of Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' that appeared to show someone who looked an awful lot like Michael Shannon – who plays 'Man of Steel' villain General Zod – in a motion capture suit. Did that mean General Zod's costume would be CGI? Because the photos were taken from behind, it was difficult to tell for sure if they were actually of Shannon or someone else, but during an interview with Moviefone earlier today to discuss the new film 'Take Shelter,' Shannon confirmed that, yes, it was him in the stop motion suit. (And, yes, Zod's costume will be at least partially CGI.) In fact, the mo-cap suit is one the actor was promised by director Zack Snyder he would never, ever have to wear. Let Michael Shannon explain...

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