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Why Hate the New 52? Hollywood's Been Doing It For Years

TMP : "As pretty much every comic book fans knows by now, DC is currently undergoing a massive reboot of all their titles. What this means is every single issue is going back to number one, much like how movies are constantly telling origin stories for popular superheroes. While some fans (myself included) are finding this super awesome a lot of the fans hate the entire idea. Perhaps this can be tied to the idea movies or other mediums comic books have grown to be adapted to? Lets take a look at what has been happening over the years and why you should or shouldn’t be too worried. "

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darklordzor3503d ago

I personally love the New 52. I've been trying to get back into comics for several years but it always feels like I'm jumping into the middle and I feel lost. This reboot has given me a chance to start fresh once again.

And yeah, movies do it all the time! Just look at how quick they've rebooted the Spider-Man films, and they've already confirmed a Batman reboot after TDKR. I don't get why it's been such a big deal to everyone.

DarkBlood3502d ago

so 52 is a reboot of the comics? do u happen to know how many they done im also trying to get into the comics as well but might feel discourage if theres so many of them out there and oout of order

Soldierone3502d ago

They (DC) rebooted ALL 52 series that they have. The only ones not touched are any side stories or whatever that were not apart of the main universe. Like the promotional ones for DC Universe the game for example. Everything else is back at 1.

So far Justice League came out last week, Detective Comics came out this week (good luck finding it right now), Action Comics, Batgirl, and I think I am missing a few minor ones. Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman are all coming soon!

I must say its a terrific time to jump back into comics! The ones I have so far are brilliant!

DarkBlood3501d ago

thanks man, now i just got to hope one of those 2 comic stores near me has any of them otherwise i'll have to look online somewhere for it and to hope to god they arent careless with the package lol

Soldierone3501d ago

It shouldn't be too hard. DC is currently producing second AND third prints of everything because they are selling so well, there should be a slight influx by next week for the ones already out. Justice League shouldn't be too hard to get now.

The only one I would really worry about is Detective Comics. My local shops sold out within an hour during a midnight release, and won't have any until next wednesdays shipment.

darklordzor3502d ago

Yeah I have been happily enjoying my #1's, although I didn't get Detective Comics like I wanted...Everyone is sold out!

Soldierone3501d ago

I still have to read my Action Comic one. I got the special variant cover, the last one in Arizona period, and its awesome. I read some of my Detective Comic and its better than the JL one, that is saying a lot lol.

I heard JL number ones variant cover is going to be the hardest one to come by. They only made 1 for every 25 issues.