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Push Start Review - Bleach: Hell Chapter

Push Start writes:
When it comes to the hugely popular animes; such as Bleach, Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball Z, you would think that by the time they get to about movie 10, such as Dragon Ball Z did, that they would lose their ‘thrill factor’. Of course, unless you were a huge fan you would overlook this and think that the film was great. I think the main problem with films that are based on the anime itself is where the story takes place. This fourth installment for Bleach named ‘Hell Chapter’ seems to take place shortly after Ichigo’s fight with Ulquiorra, which is a fight that takes place before the final fight with Aizen. Of course if you’re not the avid Bleach fan such as I, then you may be confused with what I have just said. Do not worry, as I am not going to dwell on that any further. However when we look at the fact on whether or not newcomers will be ‘confused’ with this story, it’s safe to say that it is not as confusing as the previous three films have been or will be to newcomers. Ther...

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