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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis Confirmed for “Substantial Roles” in The Expendables 2

While the two only had cameos in The Expendables, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis have signed up for "substantial roles" in the sequel. Sylvester Stallone himself is taking a bit of a breather from the director's chair, and Simon West is handling it and aiming for a release date next year.

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darklordzor3334d ago

Beautiful. That was one of the best scenes in the first movie, with the three of them. I'm hoping that Willis really is the bad guy this time around. Would be epic!

StarWarsFan3334d ago

I think Schwarzenegger should play the character of Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer and Willis should be John McClane.

Solid_Malone3333d ago

totally agree, that would be epic haha :P

nyobzoo3333d ago

sweet, I was hoping Arnold would get more screen time in the 1st movie