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An Open Letter to the Angry Star Wars Fans

Max Urai writes:

"For those of you who haven’t heard the latest news regarding our beloved lightsaber-swinging heroes: all six Star Wars movies are being released on Blu-ray. George Lucas has added some technical wizardry to the movies for the occasion, including some sound clips near the end of Jedi. Before he turns on the Emperor (spoiler warning) Darth Vader now mumbles “nooo” a few times to connect the scene to the ending of Revenge of the Sith."

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StarWarsFan3701d ago

Nooo! Sorry, I'm not whining. That was just my Darth Vader imitation.

nyobzoo3701d ago

seriously, I don't see why all the new changes are necessary for George, I mean everyone was happy with just the better visuals and audio in the blu-ray. Why add anything else that could ruin the movie?

Quagmire3701d ago

Star Wars fanboys are THE worst in history.

zerocrossing3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Whoa dude, lets not forget apple fanboys.

(On topic)

Id say the fans have every right to be concerned, after all how many times do you need to tweak a classic? Hopefully they wont ruin anything, we'll just have to wait n see...

Peaceful_Jelly3700d ago

Not even close to Apple fanboys.

andron3700d ago

Wow, it's quite sad that all these Lucas apologetics miss the point entirely.

I'm all ok with Lucas creating his "Special Edition" if he so desire, it's his creation after all. At the same time there is no good reason why he can't also make the theatrical cuts available in HD.

If we go by example of other movies that have extended or directors cuts they usually have the theatrical cut available too.

So the question is really why won't Lucas make these available as is the norm, not that SW "fanboys" are making unreasonable demands.

And yes, I won't be buying SW on Blu-Ray as I see no point in doing that if the original theatrical cuts aren't included.

It's a joke to call the box set the Complete Saga without them...