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Push-Start. Review - 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

Edward Westman writes: "If there was ever a single guarantee with 3D it would be this: Play crudely enough to the cheap seats, disregard the whole ‘immersion’ stuff Hollywood is peddling and just wave sharp objects (or in this case, mammarys) in punter’s faces then you have a solid winner. Oddly enough this recipe for success has backfired recently in the US, with even the lowest common denominator tiring of the spectacled, admission hiking gimmick. Elsewhere in the world, this disillusionment has yet to fully catch on. Sex and Zen (currently beating Tinto Brass’s announced 3D remake of Roman-pork-swords-and-sandals erotic epic to the screen) sees a Category 3 Hong Kong exploitation sex action comedy(?) have its wicked way with stereoscopic photography, there is no easy way of assessing the onscreen result, besides calling it crap."

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nyobzoo3697d ago

yea, this was a really bad movie. I'll just stick to porn

Legion3696d ago

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