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Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme Set for The Expendables 2

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris are going back into the action of high kill rates on the big screen, this time for the sequel to The Expendables. A synopsis has also been made public for the film, which will bring Sylvester Stallone's team back to audiences, but also lose a member of the team early on.

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StarWarsFan3692d ago

I think Chuck Norris facts are about to get a boost.

7bitarcade3692d ago

Lose a member of the team early on you say. Jet Li please.

darklordzor3692d ago

Well, the way things are going, he won't even be in the movie. He hasn't signed on to come back and isn't looking like he's going to.

I think they said a while back that Rourke's character would be killed and the story would be more revenge focused.

alycakes3692d ago

I guess they've finally completed the old man's club in the movie to join in.

alycakes3692d ago

Let me add....not that I mind...most of them are pretty good but some of them don't know how to act to this day. They're good at the fighting but not at the acting.

darklordzor3692d ago

Agreed, but I can't say that their acting abilities are why I'm excited. I liked the first film for what it was: an homage to 80s/90s action films. I grew up on those and I thought they did a great job recapturing that feel.

Kurylo3d3692d ago

the first one sucked... I was very disappointed. It did not give me any feel from 80s or 90s action films. Those films had something that grabbed your attention.. a story that usually was entertaining. The expendables story was so generic it was in no way exciting or entertaining... bore fest ... and when a shotgun blew up not 1 but 2 gaurd towers... well i mean cmon...

darklordzor3692d ago

Are you kidding me? You're saying that the STORY of those old action films are what hooked audiences, and that they weren't mindlessly generic. Wow, how many of them have you seen?

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The story is too old to be commented.