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Are American TV Pilots Given a Fair Chance?

American Television is a cut throat industry, especially when it comes to new shows. Ben investigates whether shows like Wonder Woman and Firefly were given a fair enough chance when trying to prove themselves.

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Soldierone3704d ago

I think its just as "un" fair as movie scripts to be honest. The whole idea behind it is a closed off industry that doesn't like giving new talent any chances, and both sides are just as bad at is as the other guy.

I think its dumb that you have the big wigs running around, getting approval for anything and everything, even when some of their shows completely bomb. Seth McFarlen's The Cleveland Show comes to mind.

I also don't think FOX is a good one to use as an example. They are known to dump good shows, not accept good shows, and so on because everything on their network basically has to have "american idol" numbers for them to be happy. and thats where the problem for me comes in. I don't understand why all these channels need mind blowing numbers for anything and everything, why not just have good entertainment with a good line up?

Thats why I like TBS so much. They are focused more towards entertainment and reviews than how many people are watching.

What is even more sad is when shows like Always Sunny get passed up without even a chance. Why not open up the doors more? Give more people a shot? You are not throwing as much money as a movie studio is throwing out the window to take these shots. The real cost comes when you have your lineup set and ready to go and it all bombs, so why not take the effort to find better shows? Green light more projects, get some new faces in there, and let them experiment. Then let these experiments go for two "episodes" in a WAY larger test audience, perhaps take it to several different towns, get different opinions. From there put it online, let people vote on what their favorites are, etc...

I think the fact Hollywood and TV companies are so closed off is what ultimately is hurting them. Personally there is nothing on standard TV right now that makes me go out of my way to watch it. I watch Conan, Good Luck Charlie, Always Sunny, and several Cartoon Network shows, thats about it. Mainly because I know if I catch a new show that I like, but EVERYONE isn't talking about it, then it will probably get cancelled. Unless of course its on a minor channel, but then you run the risk of it actually getting popular and getting cancelled because the station can't afford it....cough AMC....