Batmobile Replica With Turbine Engine Being Auctioned Off On eBay

Is there a limit fans won't cross? A Batmobile replica, based on Michael Keaton's 1989 version, has hit the market from Ohio at well over $600,000. Not only is it a good replica, it is advertised as the only one to be powered by a jet turbine. That, and it comes equipped with an iPad. Is this replica street-legal? You bet it is and there's a video of the creator driving it to prove it.

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CPO3703d ago

Just 'cause he is driving it on city streets doesn't mean it is street legal. He could have got a short term permit or just chanced the drive being online. 'sides that, really, can you see Warren Buffett driving this? :-)

darklordzor3702d ago

If I had the money...I'd drive this to work everyday. I'm not even joking. I would have so much fun with this thing.

rataranian3702d ago

Well I can tell you this. If it has guns on it like in the movie, it sure isn't street legal. With that said, if it doesn't come with the guns like in the movie it aint worth buying for that price tag.

StarWarsFan3702d ago

It certainly beats a Prius.