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The Daily Rotation - The Debt Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "About once a year Focus Features or some other smaller studio releases an espionage thriller like The Debt. These films are usually crafted well, with a decent enough visual eye, great performances and sometimes gripping story, but almost all of these films get passed over and that’s because they all share the same traits of not really doing anything new for the genre. They make for fun rentals, but sometimes a boring trip to the local cinema. Last year it was The American and while I thought that worked out very well due to the isolated location, slow burn pacing and the always spot on George Clooney, I think The Debt falls much shorter that because it only has its performances to carry the film. The story isn’t anything we haven’t seen done better before and the rest of the cast flexes their muscles and shows us they can still act with the best of ‘em, but only two real stars stuck out and even they couldn’t save The Debt from drifting into mediocre."

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