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Gillian Anderson Confirms X-Files 3 for 2012 confirms that a third X-Files is coming. Numerous sites had reported various cast members showing an interest for a third film but this is the first time a star from the series has confirmed it. David Duchovny was thought to have confirmed it last year but was later said to have been misquoted by the foreign press.

The film is said to involve the long gestating mythos of the series and deal with the arrival of the alien colonization fleet in 2012 which as any fan of the series knows is when Mulder discovered the date humanity was scheduled for extinction.

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alycakes3704d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing another X-File. I always liked them. They made for some good TV and I even enjoyed their movies so bring them on Scully and Moulder back together again.

Garethvk3704d ago

I believe at least one more movie is vital. If they do not resolve the Alien colonization plotline that the entire series was based upon, then the who series was for naught. You cannot leave that thread unresolved.

Crazay3703d ago

I need finality of the entire series. It's easily one of my most beloved TV shows ever so I'm all over another movie.

RickHiggity3696d ago

Agreed. even if the movie doesn't turn out that good, I would still like some closure after all these years.

rebirthofcaos3704d ago

I want to believe they wont release if it is in december 21 XD

darklordzor3703d ago

Honestly I still haven't seen the second one. I want to, but just haven't made the time for it. I loved the first one though and wouldn't mind seeing a third.

StarWarsFan3703d ago

How was another X-Files movie agreed upon? I mean, it could not have been based on the box-office results of the first sequel.

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