The Crow Reboot: You're Doing It Wrong

It's official; nothing is sacred anymore. Hollywood is running out of ideas, which is why Alex Proyas' gothic cult-classic The Crow is being rebooted. The original film starring the late Brandon Lee (in his final role) is quite dear to me, much like it is for the many people that have loved the film since its release in 1994. But, like it or not, the new film is going to be made, and all we can do is accept it. While it would be nice to remain hopeful about the project, everything that has been announced lately regarding the casting of undead rock'n'roll avenger Eric Draven leads me to believe that the producers of the film haven't got a single clue about how to approach the material.

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FlashXIII3703d ago

Personally, I'd love for Bradley Cooper to be the next Eric Draven. Every role I've seen him in he has been believable and done it extremely well. This would be something different for him and I think he'd pull it off perfectly. If Channing Tatum gets it though, there is noway in hell I'm paying to see this movie.

No_Pantaloons3703d ago

I was livid when I found out about this a while back. Hollywood is so clueless they can't be left in charge of anything nowadays. Thanks to the internet the people can and do, do their jobs for them and provide countless corrections to their awful ideas. This list at least provides some hope since their dead set on destroying classics.

jon12343703d ago

fuck movie studios now.... sorry for my french

alycakes3703d ago

I don't think any of those choices are good especially not Bradly Cooper or Mark and Channing. The other 3 are very slight possibilities. They need to really think outside the box on this one and come up with someone new.

Magic_Spatula3703d ago

This remake shouldn't even happen. Fuck Hollywood and Rob Zombie for doing the remake. They can never leave classics alone, and always want to fuck em up cuz they don't have any original ideas. Way to go and fuck up my all time favorite movie douches.

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