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New Photos Of Stan Lee And Chris Evans On The Set Of The Avengers

Comic Book Movie:
We've seen half his head concealed by a lamppost, and a couple of far off photos, but hit the jump for these fantastic shots of Stan "The Man" Lee filming his The Avengers cameo alongside Chris Evans.

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DarkBlood3705d ago

its official stan lee is immortal and/or can travel through time :P lol

alycakes3704d ago

I think he is immortal...the man is going to live forever....although the last time I saw him in person he looked really weak and feeble but he keeps on going like a robot.

nyobzoo3703d ago

not going to look at this, wanna keep Stan Lee's place of appearance a surprise

alycakes3699d ago

Stan Lee is the best and I can't wait to see what his part will be in The Avengers movie...I'm sure it will be funny as all of his cameos are.