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Brett Ratner Wants Eddie Murphy to Host the Oscars

The announcement of Brett Ratner producing the next Academy Awards was a breath of fresh air earlier this year. And here's another. Ratner and co-producer Don Mischer are scheduled to meet with Tom Sherak after Labor Day to discuss potential hosts, and while there has been plenty of buzz about Billy Crystal in the past months after his brief appearance during the disaster that was Anna Hathaway and James Franco, well, mainly the disaster that was James Franco, it looks like Eddie Murphy is a top contender too.

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StarWarsFan3694d ago

Eddie Murphy or Billy Crystal? That is honestly a tough choice. I really want to see Billy Crystal return, but Eddie Murphy would be something entirely fresh, new and more than experienced on the stage.

alycakes3694d ago

Billy Crystal would probably be better. Eddie Murphy is funny but not as a host. I like him well enough in a movie or even as a stand up but I've seen him host other things and I think he tries too hard and comes up empty with his jokes.