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Why So Blu Blu-ray Review | X-Men:First Class

Why So Blu writes:
X-Men: First Class is the official first chapter in the X-Men film universe. One could even say that the film is a reboot of sorts, but that may or may not be stretching it a bit. A very cool cast has been assembled to take on the roles of earlier character versions in this latest offering from Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Kick Ass). X-Men: First Class is also the first of the X-Men films to be grounded in the real world and intermixed with real events of the time. JFK and Cuban Missile Crisis anyone? How would the new cast playing old familiars measure up to the gravitas of Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McCellan on the latter (or previous) trilogy? How would “less popular” mutants fair without Wolverine having to carry each and every film? For this and much more, you’ve come to right place. Why So Blu presents: X-Men: First Class.

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rebirthofcaos3505d ago

a really good made xmen movie