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A Further Lament for Star Wars

New England Nerd:
It seems almost pointless to complain about Star Wars anymore. Not because there isn’t anything to say, but because it’s already been said by so many people. Just about every site purporting to report on the nerd world has said or done something on the plight of the Star Wars universe. Some have done it so brilliantly (Red Letter Media) that they’ve managed to turn the act of criticism itself into an entertainment experience worth repeated viewings.

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darklordzor3509d ago

Wow, more fan complaining. It's just really not that big a deal. I grew up with Star Wars. literally wore out the tapes on several VHS copies of the original trilogy, but nothing Lucas has done, has ever made me feel like I lost something (especially a part of my childhood).

The story is still the same. Good battles Evil, a soul is saved, and a galaxy is brought peace. Greedo shooting first changes none of that.

Oh and Lucas did release the unedited versions on one of the later DVD releases of the films, so you can go pick those up. Don't worry.

rebirthofcaos3508d ago

well you will never have everyboby happy