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Star Wars Episode VII: A Look Back at the Saga

With Star Wars set to hit small screens yet again, this time in high-definition, it's nice to look back at the historical saga of the space saga that has continued to bring us all together, even after A New Hope's release a long time ago in a decade far, far away.... No matter your opinion on any individual film from the franchise, it is undeniable that Star Wars has had an impact on nearly everything. From Pixar animation to movie merchandising and box-office records, nothing has been immune from having the space opera's brand slapped over it at some point in the past few decades. So let's gaze at how it was all made and let's appreciate the tale that has enamored us all for years in our own galaxy not far away at all.

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StarWarsFan3505d ago

With every new version of the films released, George Lucas should include a copy of every prior version with it.